Are you someone who feels self-conscious when you walk into a crowded room or meeting? Do you struggle to be assertive in your workplace or within your relationship? Are you looking to build your self-confidence so you can really build the life you want, not a life manufactured by those around you?

You sound like someone I want to talk to.

My name’s Jawaad Khan, and I’m a Confidence Coach that helps Muslims overcome their personal and social barriers to get to the quality of life and relationships they deserve.

Let’s talk. I keep a few spots open on my calendar to personally talk to people about their struggles with self-confidence to see how I can help (through materials, information, or even opportunities for us to work one-on-one).

Schedule a free 30-min call with me to talk about your personal barriers and give you steps to break through them.

If you just want to learn more about building your confidence, you can join my exclusive Facebook group, “Muslims Developing Confidence” where we share tips and discussions on how we can increase our self-confidence while staying true to our faith and identity.

You have a unique gift that you bring to the world, and I just want you, and everyone else, to feel confident giving your gift and expressing yourself freely. The challenge to doing that, though, usually stems from barriers that show up whenever we want to get out of our comfort zones and take a step in the direction of where we’re meant to go.

Those barriers can take the form of feeling shy, self-conscious, socially awkward, or just simply afraid to take action.

When we continually fail to take action in the things that move our lives forward — picking someone to marry, getting a job in a field we want to be in, creating the boundaries and experiences to build beautiful relationships — we lose out, and allow our lives to pass us by without ever really taking control of them.

The goal of confidence is simple: we want to be comfortable in every situation.

The way to get there? It starts with 5 simple steps that help us to start shifting our mindset and behaviors to become our most confident selves. I’ve compiled these steps into an email guide that you can get below.

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Given everything above, I pray that Allah allows you to find your path to being your best, most confident self. If I can assist you on that path in any way, whether personally, through a community, or with a resource, I pray that we’re able to meet and benefit from each other, inshaAllah.

‘Til then.