Home And Away

You gotta run real far before you ever feel close to home.

– Eric Hutchinson

I remember listening to that line as I was first moving away from home. I spent two days with my dad carrying my life in a UHaul truck halfway across the country, and all I could think was that I was so ready to get away from home and explore what being on my own would be like.

Spend a long enough time home (or anywhere),¬†and you start to find things you don’t like. If you develop a negative attitude, like I had, all you see are the parts you don’t like.

I listened to that line and I wondered if it would actually come true.

A few months of being on my own treated me well, and I couldn’t think of much I missed, aside from my loved ones.

But as those months became a year and beyond, I started feeling it. It’s not the feeling of being “homesick.” It’s not hating the place you’re currently in. It’s actually just as the line describes it.

I took time away, and in that time, started to gain perspective about “home.” I stopped focusing on the things I hadn’t liked, and I started realizing everything that I loved.

I ran real far, and for the first time, felt close to home.

I’ll conclude with another quote I looked at often in those weeks before my departure:

I just need some time away

To remember why I stay.

Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Vol. 2

Here’s to home.