Knowledge Is Not Enough

“I know.”

“I know, I know, I know.”

As a kid, this was my go-to phrase whenever someone told me that I should, or shouldn’t, be doing something.

“I knooooow.”

If I recollect, only my dad ever called me out on this excuse of a phrase. He’d say something to the effect of, “Ya know, but are you doing it?”

After years of learning and “knowing” the things that are good, bad, and ugly for me, I’m finally realizing that it’s not just about “knowing.”

It’s about believing.

You don’t act on something that you don’t believe in. Sure, you can know it, you can even think it’s good for you, but unless you place it deeply in your heart that you truly believe this is something good for you, or bad for you (and not worth the consequences), you won’t do or refrain from anything.

Start with knowledge, but recognize that it’s not enough.

To apply the things you’re learning, it starts by taking time to think through why you believe it. Not why it makes sense, but why it makes sense to you.

Ask that question, let it take you from knowledge to belief, then from belief to action.

Ya know?