Moment of Joy

A pattern is playing out right now that is driving your behavior.

Break it.

Look up. Now look around you. Find one specific thing. Focus on it for a full 30 seconds.

Can you see anything about it that you can appreciate?

If you spent that time focused on it, you should be able to.

If you can find something to appreciate about that, then could you find something to appreciate about anything? Yes, you could.

Now, in moments where you’re executing patterns that you don’t like (we call them bad habits), could you break the pattern and appreciate something?

Break the pattern: Scream your name. Dance in place. Hold your breath.

Or simply look up, and look around.

Find one thing, and focus on it for longer than is comfortable.

If you keep to it, you will find something more than you expected. Even if it’s just a small appreciation for something you never looked twice at.

Start with this moment and your immediate surroundings.

Practice and practice.

Eventually, you might be able to build up to a point where even if your life seems to be crumbling around you, or your problems look bigger than you can handle, or you’re just not happy with the way things are…you’ll be able to break the pattern, look around in the life you’re living, choose something to focus on, and appreciate it.

Moments of appreciation add up to a life of joy.

Now, have you looked up?