Reclaiming A Dream

No one tells you about the middle part.

Okay, some people tell you about the middle part. But when you’re at the beginning, you’re so blinded by the shiny ending that you don’t believe them. Or listen to them. Or hear them.

Thus, you reach the middle part and you think: No one tells you about the middle part.

The part where you rethink this whole “dream” of yours. Was this really your dream? Does it still fit you? Do you really want to go on another year or two or ten pursuing this particular dream?

Maybe you push through those questions. Or maybe you do what I did. You wander away from it. You look at the bird in your hand and you think, “That bush probably doesn’t even have two birds.”

You settle before you’ve even been settled.

Then, every once in a while, something comes across your path that sparks a little trickle of light in you, an illumination you’d almost forgotten. You see a youngster who reminds you of you or a piece of work so inspiring it reminds you of your ‘why’ or you mistakenly pull up an old file from when you used to pursue that dream you once had.

That dream you still have, maybe.

The common denominator here: memory.

You remember the first time you dreamt this, you remember the fire that lit inside you, you remember the mind-boggling possibilities that success would promise, you remember the person you were when you allowed yourself to dream.

Memory can guide you forward, if you allow it to.

But hey, I’m not saying you have to throw away all that cumulative “adult” that you’ve built up now that you’ve stopped pursuing that crazy pipe dream. You can still wash your dishes like a boring grown up.

But, there’s still a dream inside you, and with the person you’ve become since pursuing other things, you might be in a place now to fulfill a part of that dream you once had.

It may not be exactly the same, but the heart of any dream has many manifestations.

I wanted to write movies. I still do. And I might.

But if I looked closely, I wanted to communicate good ideas to people in the best way possible.

I can do that in all sorts of ways, and I hope that even during the breaks I’ve taken from movies, I’ve still found a way to reach the heart of my dream.

So what dream did you once have? Do you still have it?

What’s the heart of that dream?

Does that heart still beat in your life today?