Why It Will Be Hard to Define This Blog

Because it is hard to define a person, and this blog seeks to reflect the person writing it.

For example, that terrible use of third person to describe myself, unfortunately, reflects a part of me.

But further than this simple explanation, this blog is an exercise in daily focus. I want to set myself up to focus on something every day.

You could vaguely predict what topics or concepts will appear based on what we already know about me: I’m a writer, I like movies, I’m a Muslim, I enjoy material on marketing and communication, as well as personal development and self-help. I’m also an improvisor, so I like comedy, and I’m an American, so I’m immensely privileged but oblivious to it most of the time. But yes, you can see this is more of a list than a definition.

And that’s kind of the point. My goal is to focus on something every day, and through that practice, I think that I will start to discover what things I tend to focus on more, and thus, maybe my definition will start to emerge.

But then again, once I’m defined, I’ll probably see it as an opportunity to go focus on some new things so I can redefine myself. Life is dynamic, and we should not only embrace it, we should seek out the full breadth and variety that life has to offer.

Now, are you still reading?