I Make Plans Minute To Minute

I’ve said this countless times, and I actually believe in it.

We often lock ourselves into plans or commitments for reasons that make sense at the time, but as the situation develops, may not be the best idea.

I keep the commitments I do make, to the best of my ability.

But, I think that many of life’s decisions can afford some flexibility. Decisions like whether to go to an event, buy a piece of clothing, take the highway or local roads, and a lot of other things that take up our mental energy, bit by bit.

When asked whether I’m going to do something specific in the future, I turn to this phrase – “I make plans minute to minute” – because the truth is, you have the most information with which to make a decision the minute before you make that decision.

Again, there are big decisions that require analysis and once you commit to something, you should follow through.

But keep an open mind to the future and accept that sometimes, your plans will require a last minute adjustment. The more you accept that, the less life will take you by surprise.