The Beauty of InshaAllah (If God Wills)

Muslims, when talking about the future, or something we plan to do, use the phrase “InshaAllah” (إن شاء الله), which means “If God wills.”

In our daily lives, it becomes something we normally say, but if we examine it further, it’s really an amazing reflection on the outlook we’re supposed to have.

We make plans, we put forth our best efforts, but at the end of the day, we don’t know how they’ll work out. So, we don’t try to predict the result of our actions — we leave that up to God. 

We control what we can, and accept the things we can’t.

It’s hard to be consistently disappointed if you’re always acknowledging that the outcome is out of your hands.

It’s easy to be hopeful when you put faith in something more than your own efforts.

That’s the beauty of InshaAllah.