Your Countdown Is An Excuse

When you’re mindful of everything you do in a day, the days seem long.

That’s okay…if you’re happy with how you spend your day.

For a while now, I’ve used a memory journal to record the events of my day, and for a while, my days have felt pretty long.

Right now, I love that my days are long. But when I first started doing this, I wanted my days to go by as fast as possible. Why?

Because I was counting down.

I was waiting for this magical moment to come, and I needed it to come as soon as possible.

We do this all the time. Whether it’s a decision we put off for “the right time,” or a life event we expect to finally make us happy or some magical escape we await that’ll free us from this stagnant life — whatever it is, your countdown is an excuse.

All you have is this moment.

Waiting for some knight in shining armor or some unpredictable enlightenment is a waste of the moment.

If you can’t be okay with how things are now, what happens when the end of that countdown becomes now?

I’ll tell you what: You start another countdown.


Take action toward getting what you really need out of your life. And do it now. Because the countdown is an illusion. It makes you feel like you have more time than you do. But you don’t, this is your moment.

Fill your day with decisions you can be proud of, your countdown won’t matter anymore.