Before It Happened, After It Happened

There’s a John Green novel that structures its chapters by titling them “# Days Before…” and “# Days After…” (or something to that effect.)

There was an event in the middle.

I think we measure life in those terms quite a bit. Something big happens and now our life is divided by that moment, everything that happened before it, and everything that’s happened after it.

We’re so sure of this when we do it, and yet, there’s always something that comes along and replaces the big “It.”

And I think that’s okay.

Look at life’s timeline from whatever point you want to, just know that that vantage point will eventually change…

I’m looking forward to something today that could be an “It.” Yesterday could be one day before it happened, tomorrow one day after.

It’s the hope and the dread of the events that could be “it” that keeps life moving up and down.

The goal, I think, is to be present enough on the days when “it” happens…to recognize those moments of great significance as they’re happening.

To not have to rewrite our calendars looking backward, but to have the insight and depth to know what today is going to signify in the course of your life.

To recognize a memory before it’s a memory.

To truly live while “it’s” happening.