I’m Running An Improv Workshop And I Have So Much To Prepare

This Saturday, I’m doing a short improv workshop, the ridiculous title of which is:

How To Look Like You Know What You’re Doing

(Even When You Don’t)

I’ve been preparing for it (no, not ironically), and I realize there’s so much I want to convey.

Improv is an artform that I started learning back in college and ever since I started it, it’s really impacted my life. My first class provided an environment I’d never known before: a place of safety to try new ideas and to express myself emotionally without consequence.

It feels rare these days to find safe spaces to fully express ourselves.

Even as we have so many outlets of communication, we have so few places where we’re allowed to be ourselves. We can portray what we want the world to think of us, but we rarely find a place to honestly explore what’s going on inside of us, without fear of judgement, shame, or rejection.

This is the best gift that improv, and later comedy, gave me. And it’s something I want to pass on to others.

All right, gotta get back to preparing.

(If you’re in the South Florida area and you’d like to come out, the workshop is at Nur Ul Islam Mosque at 12pm on Sat. Apr. 15th. You can tweet at me (@jawaadahmadkhan) for more details.)