Passion Project: Projecting Passion

When you’ve spent a long time in a field you really like, you tend to stop asking those fundamental questions that got you there, the essential one being: what do I really love doing?

At some point, even those of us who “follow our dreams” hit a rut. And ultimately, it’s because we stopped regularly questioning those dreams, as we did when we weren’t pursuing them.

When you’re sitting at your 9-5, it’s easy to fantasize making money doing xyz, and it’s even easier to tweak what xyz is as you learn something new over the weekend, or you get introduced to a figure who made you see your dream in a different way.

But once you’re doing something you love, you stop searching for inspiration outside of it, because you don’t think you need to. But, you do.

Every passion project will reach a point where you lose the passion, unless you continually adapt to the fact that you adapt — what you’re really passionate about will change and morph as you do. Unless you keep up with it, you could find yourself hating the thing you initially loved.

Never stop asking questions.

Never abandon introspection.

You can’t project your passion for something if you lose passion for your projects.

(Btw, I totally justified my title’s wordplay with that last line. Right?

Sorry, wordplay is a passion of mine.)