Six Word Stories

For today’s post, I’ll be cheating and posting a bunch of six word stories I wrote on Twitter awhile back, but before I do, consider the six word story.

What makes it so beautiful is one thing: brevity.

This is the trademark skill of a writer, to write only what’s necessary in order to connect to someone, and, as Andrew Stanton puts it, to “make me care.”

As Jeff Winger put it on my favorite show, Community, humans can connect to anything, even a pencil (something I took advantage of in a short film I made called “Make No Mistake.” I’m linking to a lot of things today for some reason). Alas, enjoy the quick connections we can make when we choose our words for that purpose:

What did you just call me?
That’s it, we’re opening the box.
You’re adopted. But, not exactly legally.
He whispered it to himself: “Blood.”
Unwrapping it, her heart’s pieces reattached.
“Beautiful,” she whispered to the mirror.
The month of fast disappeared….fast.
Amber, alert me when there’s danger.
And off they were, naive fools.
The casket closed, and I awoke.
Momentously, oceans of emotions drowned him.
Six words are(n’t) enough, right?
The graduate hit his first failure.
Katherine jumped. Who could catch her?
All raised their hands, except Qasim.
Mom, it’s okay. Your son, remember?
The silence broke with his skull.
Bilal appeared, like an unwanted genie.

I admit, not all of these are amazing, but hey, the exercise is fun.