Stop Doing Math To Calculate What Things Are Worth To You

Non-math-related questions to ask when evaluating if something is valuable to you:

  • How did this make me feel?
  • Can I use something from this in my life moving forward?
  • Did this reinforce something I believe in?
  • Did this challenge an assumption I had?
  • Was my time better spent doing this than it would’ve been if I were just at home?
  • Will this be a memory for me?
  • Is there something I can be grateful for in this?
  • Does this solve a problem I have?
  • Does this answer a question I had?
  • What significance has this played in my life?

A question we ask more often, but probably shouldn’t:

  • No matter what this can do for me…do I really want my number to go down?

You can keep your number up, or you can open yourself to incalculable value.

Not everything is measured the same way, so stop trying to count your happiness.

Take the time to understand what’s valuable to you, and then spend freely.

God knows too many of us spend  our time, energy and focus trying to keep our money, depleting three important resources to preserve one.

You’re more than a number. You know that. So start treating your life as more than an equation.