What YouTube was to me…

It was a time machine that I didn’t know I was building.

I’ve been on YouTube for maybe a decade now, and it houses some of my proudest accomplishments and my greatest embarrassments.

It’s where I explored my passions and expressed the precocious profundity of a teenager seeming to have figured life out.

It’s where I dabbled in the arts, sometimes with great substance, other times with great style, but rarely utilizing the two at the same time.

It’s where I discovered the beauty that exists in helping others shine and contributing to the communication of a larger message.

It’s where I goofed around with friends turning what should’ve remained as inside jokes into tales forever encased in a black box atop a list of comments.

It’s where I stepped into the lives of characters I’d created, learning more about them than I’d ever set out to.

It’s where I first learned that I had a voice, and a means, by which to give what I had to the world.

It’s where I began…

And these days, I think it’s where I just might continue…