When I Have…Then I’ll Be…So I’ll Do…

This is what most of us think:

When I have… time, money, age, experience, the right person…

Then I’ll be… free, eligible, ready, happy…

So I’ll do… what I’ve always wanted, good things, the right work…

It doesn’t work this way.

You think you can’t be what you want, because of some resources you don’t have, so you don’t do what you’re supposed to.

It’s the other way around: Do. Be. Have.

If you start doing something, that means you’ll be that someone, and only then will you have what you want.

You want to have better health?

Stop thinking that I can’t have better health until I become some fitness expert and then I’ll do all the work to get there.

Start doing things like eating better, then you’ll be someone who’s healthier, and you’ll have the health and energy you were looking for.

You want to be an author?

Start doing things like writing every day, then you’ll be a writer, and you’ll have a written book.

You want to do a certain hobby of yours for money?

Start doing it and charging for it, then you’ll be the entrepreneur making money off something you love, and you’ll have that validation (and money) you wanted.


Everything starts with action. The moment you do something, the world has no choice but to react to your action and give you the resources to continuing doing that something.

I’ve heard this advice countless times in different ways:

Want to be a writer? Write.

Want to be a filmmaker? Start making films.

Want to be an activist? Get active.


The only way to be something is to do something, and when you do, what you want to have will come.

So remember this, when you’re whining about what you want, scold yourself like a child and please, do behave.