Where’s The Bathroom Gonna Go In My Mansion?

Lately, I’ve been trying to develop some ideas and projects that I have high aspirations for.

I have a big vision and goals for what these things could be.

But there’s a problem.

I keep getting thoughts of if this thing’s starting so small, will it ever get as big as I want it to?

And if I’m not sure it will, should I even be doing it at all?

But these thoughts have come before, and I’ve been told how to address them.

In fact, two people I really admire (specifically in the field of screenwriting) told me directly. Those two people are John August and Craig Mazin who answered one of my questions on their podcast, Scriptnotes (you can control+F my name in the transcript, it’s totally there!)

At the time, I’d been struggling with the idea of being afraid to try something at an early stage for fear that I’d get locked into it at a later stage.

They let me know that worrying about my exact future career quandaries while I was still finishing college, was like asking where I’m going to put the bathroom in my mansion when I finally get rich.

I should probably work on getting rich first.

And you get rich by first making a dollar. Then another. Then another. Then another.

The speed may pick up, but that’s only if you keep selling something, and then learning how to sell it better (or finding something better to sell).

So, I think about that now…about the mansion I’m trying to build in my mind, but understanding that I have to start with one simple brick.

Or one simple faucet. Or hand towel. Or whatever snall unit you start building a bathroom with I don’t know.