Are You In The Good Old Days?

In the last episode of The Office, Andy Bernard reflects on how he’s spent most of his time missing his old friends, no matter where he moved on to:

I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days,

before you’ve actually left them.

It feels this way a lot of times, doesn’t it? Our old high school, or a college club we devoted a lot of time to…a workplace with friends or an organization we used to volunteer with.

Human beings innately build families with whoever’s around. None of us can escape nostalgia at some point, even if we’re only selectively remembering the good parts of our pasts.

But there is a way to know if you’re in the good old days…

And that’s to recognize that any of your days can be from the good old days. Everyday there’s some magnificent reality that warrants celebration, we just don’t often focus on it.

We think we’re working through this current situation so we can get to that new situation where we’ll finally be happy.

Be happy now. Happiness shouldn’t be some moving bullseye you’ll never reach. Happiness is a choice you make every day by choosing what to focus on.

And so many of us focus on the shiny unknown future because we can fantasize it as better than our current lives.

And so many of us focus on the “good old days” of our past because we can think exclusively of the happy times and we can say for sure that we once knew how to do this happiness thing.

But your good old days were once the present…and what made them the good old days is that you took a break from reminiscing to do something that made this moment special — you chose to be happy.

Make that choice more often, and you’ll be able to live in the good old days…before you’ve left them for another round of good old days.