Exact Change

I rarely have exact change, because these days it’s so easy to swipe. It’s so convenient to not have to ruffle through the wallet to look for pennies and nickels to be able to perfectly only give exactly what I owe.

I wonder if this has been true in other parts of my life, too. That I’ve developed a laziness to look into the resources I have and pick out exactly what’s necessary. If I look for ways to just simply swipe a card, click a button, speak a voice command and expect everything to work perfectly.

I know I’ve definitely been one to be fooled by the “work smarter, not harder” mentality. And yes, I believe in working smarter, but I feel like I’ve lost out on the inclination to work harder. Yes, we should streamline, optimize, find better ways of doing things…but after we do, should we just sit idly now with all our free time or excess resources and do nothing?

No, we should work harder. We should take the smart ways in which we’ve learned to do things and let that enable us to do more work, to do better work.

Because I’ve grown up trying to find new ways to swipe the card, but I only have that privilege because those before dug around in their wallets looking for exact change.

It’s on me now to take the work ethic of the elders and the innovation of the up-and-coming, and work to keep moving us forward.