Getting People To Action Takes More Than Informing Them

If you’re trying to drive action, you have to frame what the action is, how to do it, and most importantly, why they must do it, now.

We often think action will come when someone’s informed. How many things have you been informed about just today, and yet, you haven’t taken action to buy that product or sign up for that list or make a plan for your fitness?

No, you need to answer the question WHY. But not just why this would be “nice to do,” or why this is something you “should do.”

You have to communicate why this action MUST be taken, by showing the consequences of not doing it (consequences which are uniquely unbearable to the person you’re communicating to), and by showing why this action is a manifestation and a demonstration of someone’s deeply-held beliefs about the world or about themselves.

But, that’s not it. Because you can have all the motivation and ability and willingness to do something, but you put it off. You agree that you must take that action, but maybe not right now. Which is why, to drive action, you have to add the pressure of time. You have to communicate why it must be taken NOW. Whether it’s because the offer is expiring in an hour, a day, or a week. Or, because continuing life without taking this action would be unacceptable to that person. Whatever it is, put a clock on it.

In summary, to get people to take action you have to make them deeply understand WHY they MUST take this action NOW.

Otherwise they won’t be motivated enough, or willing enough, or act urgently enough to get to finally taking action.