Squeezing The Small Bits

Sometimes we try to squeeze things so tightly so we can save the smallest bits.

Spending an hour to find an online coupon to save a few bucks.

Paying for apps that will save you seconds of time.

Exerting tons of efffort in mental math to be sure this donation won’t really affect any of your finances.

The little wins are sometimes the only ones we notice, causing us to feel like they add up to something big. But small amounts plus small amounts don’t actually add up to much.

But if we let go of the tiny adjustments that we can’t truly sustain for long, and instead just focus on the bigger areas where a change can influence so much more in our lives — we’ll be better off.

Frugality with time, money, or energy will ultimately burn you out, in order to save minuscule amounts of each resource.

Zooming out and being bolder in some big things will let you enjoy life without having to squeeze what you have to keep only small bits.