Write A Letter

We don’t write letters anymore.

That’s okay, postage can be expensive and most of our handwriting sucks.

What’s not okay, is that we don’t write deeply personal messages to each other in a manner that shows we’ve put effort into our words and our relationships. We’ve stopped sending love and thoughtfulness to those we love and (even those we don’t yet know very well).

We’ve adopted email, text messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook messages, Twitter DMs, Snapchat, and all these tools that enable us to directly communicate to another person.

And yet, we hide behind these tools, portraying ourselves as we’d like to be seen, and only shallowly communicating to others through likes or comments that don’t really say anything.

And when we’re not really saying anything to each other, while “communicating” a lot in multiple mediums, we fall into this twilight zone of relationships that seem like they’re doing well, but feel like they’re non-existent.

So, I ask you to please write a letter.

It doesn’t have to be paper and pen, it doesn’t have to be handwritten…

But I want you to personally write to another person, and express something honest.

Because our inboxes are full…but our hearts are far from it.