It Looks Like Work

I’ve spent enough time in office cubicles and school libraries to know the art of doing something that “looks like work.”

I don’t just mean things that look like work to your bosses or superiors, but even worse than that, things that look like work to you.

“I’m downloading files” or “I’m adjusting the font” or “I’m doing research with these videos”

At some point, you fool your own self into thinking that the menial tasks or the detailed tasks actually are work.

Sure, they’re things you do AT work, or FOR work, but you have to look at whether they actually matter.

Don’t lose your sense of what real work is.

If it’s not something that tangibly, and effectively, gets you closer to the goal (which almost always the SALE, even if it’s not a traditional business)……then it’s not work.

It’s busywork, it’s filler, it’s fluff.

It’s sad that our 9-5’s often create this culture that the work you do is valued only by how long you spend doing it. So real work that’s impactful and effective, but only takes 2 hours, ends up punishing the top performer by making stay for 6 more hours doing a lot of stuff that “looks like work.”

If you find yourself there, see what steps you can take to be valued for the real work you do, and to be excused from the moments that “look like work.” Bosses and clients don’t want you wasting your time, either. Don’t sell them your time, sell them your work.

Because the last thing we need is you doing a bunch of random things that “look like work” while the world waits for you to do the real work that only you can do.