The “Makes Me Happy” List

I have a playlist on YouTube called “Makes Me Happy”

It’s a compilation of videos that, no matter what, anytime I watch them or a part of them, I laugh, I smile, or I just feel happy.

I realized a while back the importance of having such a playlist, or a normal list, of things that you know can make you happy. Now, it’s important not to depend on this list too much, expecting it it to take you out of the worst depths…but rather, to just know there’s something that could put a smile on your face when you need it to.

Also, be brutal about what goes on the list. I have to have independently searched it out and rewatched it several times before I’m sure it’s worthy of being on the list.

I also have another list called “Makes Me Sad (And That’s Okay)”, and that’s important to have, too. Some videos are on both lists.

Because the truth is, emotions are these wild things that we often feel we can’t control. When we’re overwhelmed, or feel powerless, that’s the perfect time to accept that we are powerless…to give in and accept that we’re feeling what we’re feeling, and that like everything we’ve ever felt, it’ll pass by.

That’s the key to the “Makes Me Happy” or “Makes Me Sad” list — it’s not trying to change your state. It’s not trying to escape from your current emotion. It’s recognizing the fleeting nature of emotion, and letting you know that you don’t have to act on this emotion in this moment, because if you watch a few of these videos, and let some time pass…you can let another emotion take over. A more positive emotion — not just happiness, but an emotion that leads to better action, to more acceptance, to stronger humanity.

It’s not weak to have emotions.

It’s weak to pretend like you don’t.