Big Swings and Big Misses

I know how to talk authoritatively.

But I also know when what I’ve talked authoritatively about, turns out to be something completely wrong, or something I later disagree with, or something that’s been disproven now.

I recognize the mistakes I’m going to make.

The only alternative is to never risk making a mistake, to always come half-hearted, never fully committing. And that’s just not me…because growth is life and that looks like death to me.

But although I recognize that my Big Swings will result in a lot of Big Misses, that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt, or be embarrassing, or something I might regret.

We all regret what didn’t end up working out, but we can’t have the things that worked out if we didn’t try something.

Someone I’ve followed for a while now, Ramit Sethi, adopts the mindset that after you’ve made a mistake, you say: “It’s not a failure, it’s a test.”

When you look back you don’t see that you tried something and it failed, you see that you tested something and it failed so now all there is left to do is to test the next thing.

I’m trying to adopt that mindset, but man, it does require a lot of maturity, and the real key is that you have to learn from the test.