Breakdown by Further Self-Discovery

It’s tough learning about yourself.

That’s why most of us avoid it.

We deny people’s assessments, discredit any criticism toward us, and ignore opportunities to dig further into ourselves.

And for those who would just rather not think about it, it’s hard to blame them.

Who wants to break themselves down into bits of knowledge and causes and effects and behaviors and mannerisms and decisions….?

It’s feels much better to feel like one whole.


But the thing is, over time, that whole can start to break down anyway.

You can feel “fit,” but after a while of eating slightly wrong things and doing very little to strengthen yourself…the body will break down whether you like it or not. You can rest on the skills or knowledge you’ve gained, but the world will keep inventing things that will slowly render them useless. You can choose someone you love who loves you, but if you depend on feelings from today to last til next week, month, or year with no effort, you’re in for a loss.

So if we break down anyway, what’s the point of taking control of that breakdown? What’s the point of learning about yourself and choosing how to respond respond to that breakdown? Why subject yourself to that process?

Because you can’t build yourself back stronger unless you first break yourself down.

You can fall into the hands of the world, or you can let yourself fall in your own hands…where you have some control and ability and motivation to prop yourself back up.

So, break down by choice, or by force…

…it’s up to you.