“Just Sell The Car”

Apparently, this is a sentiment that a Spielberg-ian director said in response to the way in which a Labeouf-ian actor behaved in press interviews for a film he didn’t necessarily artistically believe in.

At some point, you gotta put your artist side to the side, and just “sell the car” (i.e. sell the movie anyway).

I get it, but man is it hard.

To have a list of tasks that seem meaningless or just not in line with what you want to really do…how do you get past that hump of purposelessness and just…sell the car.

Because if we don’t sell the car, we’re out of money, we’re out of opportunity, we’re out of ways to realistically fulfill your artistic ambitions. So if you want to feed those, you’ve gotta feed the machine that makes those possible to pursue.