Operating in Extremes and Your Ideal Self

I generally hate extremes, but it’s come to my attention that my particular brand of personality seems to operate best in circumstances that are extreme.

So, it’s either taking things in very tiny bite-size pieces, or scarfing down multiple plates at a time.

It’s not ideal.

Or rather, it doesn’t match that one ideal that we all keep fooling ourselves into thinking exists. It’s a fairly inconsistent ideal, usually a moving target that tells us we should be exercising more (but then also exercising less), or that we should be reading more books, but then saying to skim for the parts that matter most, or that we should be earning more money, but then also to find fulfilling work even if it doesn’t pay as much…

The one thing that seems to be constant for the enigmatic “ideal” we keep striving for?

That we’ll never achieve it.

If we’re currently doing something that matches it, it seems to intrinsically shift on us in order to honor the fact that the only rule of the ungettable ideal is that it be un-get-able.

I don’t know about you, but chasing something you’ll never reach seems…tiring.

I’m getting off the treadmill of the ideal.

If I’m never getting somewhere, then I’m gonna make it somewhere I’d be proud to always be on my way to.