Breakdown is the process of building

Sometimes we feel like our life is a staircase…that each step should be building up to something higher and higher.

But the truth is, it’s more like a roller coaster.

There’s times you’re up high, and it’s pretty scary to get all the way up (even if you’re expecting it), and sometimes you have some pretty steep drops. Sometimes you loop back to where you came from and feel a bit disoriented from being turned upside down.

But although all the loops, falls, and rises seem to be chaotic…you’re always moving forward.

And although you don’t always see what’s coming, and you naturally get afraid and excited…you usually only feel real fear when you forget that it’s all on rails, that so many people have ridden this ride and survived it and loved it — not just because they made it to the end, but because of the ride it took them on.

You’re gonna go through periods where you feel like everything is breaking down around you, where all that you’ve known is discarded in exchange for the unknown.

These moments are reminders that it’s time for you to build again. They’re checkpoints for you to realize things have been going too smooth, and if you signed up for this ride called life, it’s time to get ready for a fall or rise or loop…but no matter what comes, get those hands in the air and get excited!

This is the ride.