Afraid of repetition

Should we be afraid of repeating ourselves? Should we be afraid of not innovating, not being the first to uncover or express something… Should we be afraid of seeming late to a discovery? Of being the last to know? Of appearing…less than a pioneer? I ask, as I try to find the balance between keeping […]

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Too many projects,

not enough projects. Too much work, not enough work. Too much excitement, not enough excitement. It sucks to be in a perpetual state of paradox, but alas…balance is that which we keep trying to pursue (cuz if we got it, then we’d have it).

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Breakdown by Further Self-Discovery

It’s tough learning about yourself. That’s why most of us avoid it. We deny people’s assessments, discredit any criticism toward us, and ignore opportunities to dig further into ourselves. And for those who would just rather not think about it, it’s hard to blame them. Who wants to break themselves down into bits of knowledge […]

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How Do You Measure A Day?

In mere hours and seconds? In accomplishments? In fulfillment? In cups of coffee? (sorry, had to do it) So many of our days disappear too quickly. Don’t let them go by without noticing they did. Because “whenever each day passes, a part of you has gone.” (Hasan al-Basri)  

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The Posting-to-Practicing Ratio

How much are you posting about it on social media vs. how much are you actually practicing it in your life? I first thought of this concept in regard to my religious practice, but I realize it can actually apply to any field or pursuit you’re involved in. You’ll go through certain phases: 1. The […]

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Chase Your Fear

Don’t let it chase you. Fear is good. Fear shows you where you need to go next. You can only grow more confident by facing that which you’re not too confident about…and whether your succeed or not is immaterial. Simply moving toward the fear starts to unravel it. Enjoy it for a minute, then move […]

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How Much Is Growth Worth?

Is it worth your time? Is it worth your attention? Is it worth your investment? How much do you value your continued growth? I’ll tell you what. At least in my estimation, almost any amount it takes to keep growing…is usually far less than the cost of staying the same.

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Dear Friend

I know it’s been a few days. Call it a vacation, or, more rightly, a momentary lapse in judgement. Whatever it be, I’m back, and I hope to keep it that way.

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Wedding Celebrations

I helped to film two weddings this weekend, which got me thinking a little about how I used to view weddings when I first started filming them, compared to now. Weddings are a celebration of love, I used to think. What do I think now? Weddings are a celebration of love…followed by a lifetime of […]

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Clarity from Confusion

It’s funny how muddled and unclear things can become in such a short time. You move along your path, but as you move forward, it’s easy to take a detour, or to forget where you were going, or somehow just get lost on the way there. But the beauty of confusion is that you can […]

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Faith fluctuates.

اَلْإِيْمَانُ يَزِيْدُ وَيَنْقُصُّ Faith increases and decreases. It’s normal. Don’t get too comfortable.  Just like it takes faith to keep you working, it takes work to keep your faith.

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The Shift Is Mental

And it only takes one simple turn — choose something that you’ve unconsciously been believing about yourself, and then tell us the reasons why it’s dead wrong. Change isn’t about changing who you are — it’s about seeing yourself for more of who you really are (and taking back control of your own definition). So […]

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Big Swings and Big Misses

I know how to talk authoritatively. But I also know when what I’ve talked authoritatively about, turns out to be something completely wrong, or something I later disagree with, or something that’s been disproven now. I recognize the mistakes I’m going to make. The only alternative is to never risk making a mistake, to always […]

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