“Just Sell The Car”

Apparently, this is a sentiment that a Spielberg-ian director said in response to the way in which a Labeouf-ian actor behaved in press interviews for a film he didn’t necessarily artistically believe in. At some point, you gotta put your artist side to the side, and just “sell the car” (i.e. sell the movie anyway). […]

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We Want You To Invest…

…emotionally. …personally. …materially. …happily. …wholly.   In a world where the default is to be non-committal, your investment means everything. What people don’t realize, though, is that investment has a return, but only if you invest. Not trade, not do a favor, not try something out…you only get the return on investment if you actually invest. So […]

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Too Much Good

I’ve shared this du’a before, the du’a of Musa (as) as he fled the town he grow up in, and found himself with nothing: رَبِّ إِنِّيْ لِمَا أَنْزَلْتَ إِلَيَّ مِنْ خَيْرٍ فَقِيْرٌ My Lord, I am, of whatever bit of good you would send down to me, in need. When the goodness comes, and it […]

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It Looks Like Work

I’ve spent enough time in office cubicles and school libraries to know the art of doing something that “looks like work.” I don’t just mean things that look like work to your bosses or superiors, but even worse than that, things that look like work to you. “I’m downloading files” or “I’m adjusting the font” or […]

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The Camel’s Back

It’s kind of sad we have to wait until we’ve broken the camel’s back before we realize, “Hmm…this is probably a bit too much straw, huh?” Stop stacking straw while looking away. Look at what you’re stacking, and how much of it you’re stacking. Too often, we just keep doing something, but are wholly unaware […]

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A Slower Ramadan

I’ve talked about this with a few people, but last year was one of my worst Ramadans ever. This was made all the worse because it was “supposed to” be one of my best Ramadans ever. I finished a program where I learned the basics of Arabic and understanding the Qur’an, and I was set to […]

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Your Childhood Imam

One of our teachers mentioned this concept of your “childhood Imam.” He referred to this concept of the Imam of the masjid when you were a kid, that person who maybe taught you to read the Quran, or first exposed you to the life of the Propjet (peace be upon him)…someone you grew up with. […]

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The “Makes Me Happy” List

I have a playlist on YouTube called “Makes Me Happy” It’s a compilation of videos that, no matter what, anytime I watch them or a part of them, I laugh, I smile, or I just feel happy. I realized a while back the importance of having such a playlist, or a normal list, of things […]

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Your A to B

We’ve all been somewhere, and now we’re here. It’s valuable to take out the time to figure out how in the world you exactly got from that A to this B. It’s easy to forget the pain, the struggles, the fears, the anxieties, and the worries you went through in your past, especially if you’ve […]

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I try not to speak in absolutes. Most everything finds its most truthful expression in the middle — balance is the rule, not the exception. The trouble with that, though, is that drama favors the extreme…and people gravitate toward drama. It may be more fun, or more entertaining, or more popular to speak in extremes. […]

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