Guilty Pleasures

Most of them, you don’t have to be guilty about. Stop being ashamed to like things and just like them. Draw your line over which you don’t cross, and live freely on the side you find acceptable, even if others have a different line.

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Come What May

There’s an old children’s song that sometimes is used by improv troupes to warm up as a team. They huddle togehher and repeat: Whether the weather be cold Or whether the weather be hot We’ll be together No matter the weather Whether we like it or not! The alliteration and rhyming helps to get into […]

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Fear of Dependence

Being independent is a great quality. To be able to take care of yourself without needing outside help is admirable. But sometimes, our independence can go too far. We shut out any assistance that others can provide us, and I think it’s out of this fear we have of being anything but independent. We’re afraid […]

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Question Your Logic

Your logic is based on all the information and critical thinking skills you’ve gathered over your lifetime. It’s also based on a lifetime of assumptions you’ve made about things you have no idea about, but could only estimate and guess based on what you do already know. As long as you acknowledge what you know, […]

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Late Starts

are still Starts. Don’t give up on the whole thing just ’cause you started a little later. Whether it’s your day, your business, your degree, whatever it is: A late start is still a start.

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The Business of Business

We think the business of business is the business of making money. That’s true, and most of business is that. But we can expand and simplify it down to saying that the business of business is the business of value. We exchange value with one another, whether that value is time, information, energy, motivation, healing, […]

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What’s Your Name?

It’s simple to ask, but does wonders to break the ice. I find myself doing this with every person I meet, because sometimes it’s most satisfying to break the ice when a person doesn’t expect you to. When you show interest in somebody who didn’t think they’d be of interest to you, it builds connections […]

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What YouTube was to me…

It was a time machine that I didn’t know I was building. I’ve been on YouTube for maybe a decade now, and it houses some of my proudest accomplishments and my greatest embarrassments. It’s where I explored my passions and expressed the precocious profundity of a teenager seeming to have figured life out. It’s where […]

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Framing Things Up

Your life can feel like a random assortment of events and interactions, especially if you self-describe it that way. When you’re a little lost, and not sure what everything is leading to, or what everything that happened is all supposed to mean, you may just need some time to frame things up. A heartbreak here […]

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