To Have Lost…

…is to have lived. See it for the privilege it is. Recognize that loss usually clears out some space within you, so that you can gain something else—something different, something better, or something that’s finally ready for you. And remember that losing it doesn’t mean you never had it. With many things, having “had it” means you’ll always have […]

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Forgive Yourself

A close friend and teacher of mine does this exercise using the phrase, “Astaghfirullah,” which means, “I seek forgiveness from God.” He takes people through multiple stages of saying the phrase, starting with asking God to forgive you, but then going to another level to say that I must forgive the people in my life, […]

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Less Public Talk

More one-on-one. The Prophet (peace be upon him) gave a khutbah (sermon) every Friday, and yet, we have very few of his sermons preserved for us in full. However, what we do have are thousands and thousands of ahadith (preserved accounts) where the Prophet (peace be upon him) talked to just one or two people at […]

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Cure For Boredom

If something bores you, keep doing it. Spend enough time with anything and you’ll discover what’s fascinating about it. But if you keep getting bored and moving onto the next thing, you’ll just keep getting bored. Stick to it, and see what you find.

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Credibility vs. Credentials

There’s a reason your parents prefer to call your uncle to take them to the airport, while we kids prefer to call an Uber or Lyft ride; why they call that one mechanic they’ve used for 25 years, while we pull into the nearest discount tire shop; why they love to learn from the local imam […]

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The New To Do List

It’s not about what you have to do. It’s about why you do what you do, and then why you want to do what you want to do. Figure out the why you MUST do this, and make it compelling. It’ll happen. No one ever failed to achieve great things for lack of a list. They […]

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You Let Them Down

But in order for you to have done that, you had to have built them up first, right? You can’t fail without risking failure. Thing is, you can’t succeed without risking it, either. Build them up more than you let them down, but don’t let them down by choosing to never build them up.

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Home And Away

You gotta run real far before you ever feel close to home. – Eric Hutchinson I remember listening to that line as I was first moving away from home. I spent two days with my dad carrying my life in a UHaul truck halfway across the country, and all I could think was that I […]

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“IOU” “So, I Own U…” “Or, does It Own Us?” Money changes the nature of relationships. Try your best not to let it.

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Knowledge Is Not Enough

“I know.” “I know, I know, I know.” As a kid, this was my go-to phrase whenever someone told me that I should, or shouldn’t, be doing something. “I knooooow.” If I recollect, only my dad ever called me out on this excuse of a phrase. He’d say something to the effect of, “Ya know, […]

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Saturate Yourself

How do you tell the difference between “good art” and “bad art”? This question was posed toward the end of my art education (which consisted of reading a library-borrowed copy of “Art for Dummies.”) The book’s solution? Look at 10 pieces of art everyday. The idea is that by looking at as much art as […]

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Sins Hide You

Do you hide your sins, or do they hide you? I agree that we shouldn’t expose our sins. Why expose what Allah’s hidden from the people? Why bring up the sin and allow it to become familiar and normalized in society? I get it. But in our efforts to hide the sin, cover it up, hold […]

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In a culture of consumption, 9.9 out of 10 places you pass on your morning drive are solely there to serve or sell something to you. Grow up in that for a decade or two and you start to think that serving yourself is the purpose of life, and, unfortunately, you believe the lie that it’s also […]

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How many activities do you do these days that you would consider “play”? Do you “play” a sport or a do you compete in it? Do you “play” with new ideas or are you simply learning new information? Do you “play” your instrument (or whatever talent you’re good at), or are you always performing? There’s […]

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Moment of Joy

A pattern is playing out right now that is driving your behavior. Break it. Look up. Now look around you. Find one specific thing. Focus on it for a full 30 seconds. Can you see anything about it that you can appreciate? If you spent that time focused on it, you should be able to. […]

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