Six Word Stories

For today’s post, I’ll be cheating and posting a bunch of six word stories I wrote on Twitter awhile back, but before I do, consider the six word story. What makes it so beautiful is one thing: brevity. This is the trademark skill of a writer, to write only what’s necessary in order to connect […]

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Undefined Path

For so many years, we’re taught to follow instructions. Keep to the path and you’ll eventually get to the end. When you hit the end, though, it turns into a new beginning, and this time, there’s no path laid out for you. After following instructions for so long, you always longed for this moment. Funny […]

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Lookin’ Good

There’s a dua (prayer) the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to say when looking at his reflection (that we’re encouraged to say as well): اَللَّهُمَّ أَنْتَ حَسَّنْتَ خَلْقِيْ فَحَسِّنْ خُلُقِيْ Allah, You have made my external features beautiful, so make my character beautiful as well. When you’re lookin’ good, you’re feelin’ good, too. […]

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Quality Through Quantity

Sometimes, when we focus so much on “quality over quantity,” it makes us belittle quantity. But you can’t do less and get better at the same time. You get quality through quantity, not instead of it. Work smarter, better, faster, but don’t let that mean you work any less. Do more and do better. There’s no need […]

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Marketable Skills

Not being funny, but creative thinking. Not having empathy, but understanding consumer behavior. Not doing the right thing, but doing whatever it takes. Not writing honestly, but writing what grabs attention. Not communicating, but marketing. Not being, but delivering. Not blogging, but blogging.

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Coming Up Empty

It’s funny how often our biggest fear is that we’ll come up empty. If we take the step, hit the button, make the move, we might not get what we were looking for, we might just fail, we might come up empty. So, we don’t push forward at all, allowing the fear of have nothing […]

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I once heard a TED talk that recommended you spend 3 minutes in silence every day. More accurately, listen for 3 minutes a day. With the headphone culture we live in, we’re left blasting news radio programs, music from any source, podcasts of all kinds – anything to fill the silence. We’re afraid to be alone […]

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Getting Back Up

It’s easy to stay on the ground, wallowing in the fact that you fell. At some point, though, it’ll become harder to accept that you’re still there. When everyone around you gets up and starts running past you, when you look at the clock and see how long you’ve been down, when you run out […]

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Co-Opting Personal Expression

When I was young, I wrote a lot of poetry. So much, in fact, that I self-published a book of it (which I keep on my shelf, and no one else’s). Writing poetry can be a freeing process by which one processes their emotions and turns them into something beautiful. It can be an exercise […]

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The End Goal

The end goal distracts us. It makes us put off our happiness, our gratitude, our feeling of fulfillment. But you can have all those things on the journey to the end goal. In fact, you should. The end goal just gives you a direction. Once you hit it, there’ll be another that guides you in […]

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Gimme A Break

We all need one. What we need a break from depends on what’s consuming too much of us. Why we don’t take a break is often because we’re afraid that if we leave the thing we allowed to consume us for too long, we’ll lose it. Even if we’re better off leaving it, we don’t like […]

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Living On The Surface

It’s what most of us do. We tiptoe around on the soil, never putting too much weight on the ground beneath us for fear of going deeper. We live scrolling through our feeds only to read headlines, starting conversations too polite to be honest, watching media devoid of true meaning to us: it’s how we “get by.” […]

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Sleep on it

It’s amazing that with as much literature as we get on health and wellness from everyone trying to sell us the next best way to get fit…one thing remains constant: Nothing replaces a good night’s rest. Sometimes the problems that keep us up at night could be solved by simply not letting them keep us […]

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I Make Plans Minute To Minute

I’ve said this countless times, and I actually believe in it. We often lock ourselves into plans or commitments for reasons that make sense at the time, but as the situation develops, may not be the best idea. I keep the commitments I do make, to the best of my ability. But, I think that […]

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Newbie’s Legacy

I obsessed over my legacy, before I even started working. I wanted to write my obituary, before I even started living. I wanted to be known, before I even knew myself. I needed to matter, before I even knew what mattered. I needed to build a brand, before I built a person. It’s funny when […]

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