Highs and Lows

It’s not exactly an even scale.

You’ll experience a high, a time when you feel energy flowing through you and everything feels in alignment and things feel unbelievably good.

But then, you’ll balance back to the norm, to the middle. But, the only problem is, the middle now feels like a low, compared to the high you’ve just had.

And so you may seek to get back up to the high some way, looking in all the wrong places, and ostensibly doing things that turn out to take you lower and lower.

You need to ride out the middle. It appears to be low, but it’s not, and you just need time to level out and realize that.

If you suffer from extreme highs and extreme lows, look at the pattern above: high highs cause you to scrape and seek to keep them around, but inevitably your failure to do so brings you lower and lower.

We can find a middle if we’re patient.

Appreciate the highs, and know that their scarcity makes them special.

And don’t be too stressed about the lows, know that their power only exists if we give them too much attention.

Live mostly in the middle, occasionally up, occasionally down. In the long run, balance is happiness.