Adam Qurani Reads Quran!

Adam Qurani Reads Quran! (2016) is a 6-episode web series created by and starring Jawaad Khan. Based on a sketch character he created in college, the web series is around 20 minutes in total length, and it premiered on YouTube with weekly episodes in early 2016. The series’ summary:

Adam Qurani is the self-proclaimed world’s best Quranic English Reader (one who reads the translation of verses of the Qur’an at the beginning of events in the Muslim community). In this series, he seeks to start his own public-access-style web show reading the English translation of the Quran, but finds the task to be more difficult than he expected.

Stupidly self-produced by (written, directed, edited by and starring) Jawaad Khan
Appearances from Yildrim Zaynal & Jawaad Waheed
Special Thanks to Danyal Khan & Bayyinah Dream Program C/O ’16

NOTE: The above is a YouTube playlist. Here’s the video listing:

Creator’s Introduction
Ep. 1 – “The Opening”
Ep. 2 – “Behind The Scenes”
Ep. 3 – “Alif Laam Raa”
Ep. 4 – “Breakdown”
Ep. 5 – “Read”
Ep. 6 – “Late for Class”
“The World’s Best Quranic English Reader” (Adam Qurani’s first video)

Production & Promotional Photos

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