Taste Of: Off The Wire

From 2013-2015, Jawaad Khan wrote, acted, and produced on the University of Miami’s late-night comedy variety television show, Off The Wire. Every other Thursday at 9pm for 4 semesters, Jawaad and the dedicated members of Off The Wire taped a half-hour comedy show in front of a live studio audience featuring a talk-show-style host, pre-recorded comedy sketches, live sketches & characters, a variety of guests and musical performances.

What follows is a curated collection of sketches and performances written by Jawaad during his time with the show.

Plane Old Racism (2013)
Before takeoff, things get a little racy for the three people sitting in these seats.

Jawaad began as a staff writer on the show, and this was one of the first sketches he wrote and performed live in.

Flight Attendant: Jeanette Hamilton
Trevor (father): Mike Reynolds
Samantha (daughter): Jamie Leigh
Hassan: Jawaad Khan

LePhotoshop Cosmetics (2014)
The only cosmetics you’ll ever need.

In his first year as a Head Writer on the show, Jawaad wrote, shot, and directed this sketch.

Erica (Woman 1): Morgan Rozenboom
Janine (Woman 2): Paige Williams
Commercial Narrator: Megan Vanderah
Celebrity Voices: Jeanette Hamilton, Cai Adia

Edited by: Megan Vanderah

Loving to Death (DVD Commentary) (2014)
Listen to the DVD commentary from the stars and director of the hottest independent film this season.

Inspired by independent cinema and the fancy-pants auteur theory, Jawaad wrote, directed, starred in, and edited this sketch which was shot in glorious black and white.

Sophie (Female character): Nicole Besen
Carrie Roswell (Female voice/actress): Kelley Hameran
Ameen K. Parker (British actor): Austin Peraza
Greg Hauser (Director, voice): Jawaad Khan
Barnaby (Bombastic actor): Jake Dougherty

Director of Photography: Robert Glaser
Edited by: Jawaad Khan

The Guy Who Knows Everybody (2015)
You know him, you love him, and he definitely knows you.

Jawaad wrote, directed, and stars in this sketch and also provided much of the wardrobe that appears in it (for some reason).

The Guy Who Knows Everybody: Francisco Alustiza
Carol: Kelley Hameran
Chuck: Alex Breslau
Sundeep: Jawaad Khan
Lola (voice): Jeanette Hamilton
Trudy: Samantha Molly “Speedy” Dominick

Director of Photography: Stephanie Lorenzo
Edited by: Megan Vanderah

Nitpick! (2015)
Where we critique errors in media and pop culture. #nitpick!

In his final sketch with Off The Wire, Jawaad wrote, starred in, and edited this homage to modern internet criticism.

Jules: Jawaad Khan
Henrietta (pictured): Savannah Geary

Director of Photography: Danny New

Some Photos (for the memories)

meeting-jonthefloorJawaad leads a writer’s meeting from the floor.
(Being a Head Writer could be stressful at times.)

headwritersJawaad and his fellow Head Writers Adrian Alonso and Sean Bibby, doing…something.

Jawaad shoots a sketch, from the floor. (He spent a lot of time on the floor.)

Jawaad playing a character, on television.

Jawaad at his final show, in the studio, wearing something ridiculous (it’s for his character).

Jawaad and some of his fellow graduating seniors at their last show.
(Stephanie Lorenzo, Gretchen Schroeder, Robert Glaser, Nicole Lopez)